Social Commitment

MERRYWATER is socially committed by subsidizing a long term promotion of a specially adapted version of the tried and tested KATADYN water filter from Switzerland under the trade name FILTA POA.

According to WHO, 80% of all infectious diseases are water carried. FILTA POA is the affordable point-of-use solution against contaminated water to the low income population.

Fitted into locally produced buckets, the filter provides drinking water from any water source. The advantage of FILTA POA is that no chemicals are used and there is no need to boil the water.

This makes FILTA POA environment-friendly and a way of reducing deforestation since boiling water before filtration requires a high consumption of charcoal or firewood as usually used in Africa.

Easy to use and its subsidized sales price make the FILTA POA an ideal answer to the biggest problem in Africa: access to safe drinking water.