A privately owned small boutique hotel; supplied and installed in 2007-2008. <
Water Treatment System: Multi-layer sand filter type Grünbeck MS-Z 60/20 with fully automatic control for operation, backwashing and flushing of the filters. Capacity 8 m²/hour at 2.5 bars. The water for the kitchen is separately sterilized by two UV-systems capable of treating up to 500 l/h each.
Swimming Pool: Swimming pool of 100,000 l capacity; equipped with sand filters and pumps to deliver 12 m³/h. Disinfection is done by a salt chlorinator producing 24 g/h chlorine gas directly injected in the return water of the pool. Pool lighting by Logic Lights, which allow different lighting patterns at user’s choice.
Stand-by Generator: FG Wilson generator, 100 kVA with automatic change over switch.
More Info on Hotel: <a href="http://www.alexanders-tz.com/" target="_blank">www.alexanders-tz.com</a>