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Borehole Pumps: ITT-Lowara FZ611/21, 6”, 11 kW, 14 m³/h at 165m,</br> controlled by Soft starter type ITT-Lowara Q35F/150
Booster Plant: ITT-Lowara GMSF20/SV1610F110TPN25 Multimax, </br>11 kW, 5 l/sec at 20m, controlled by star-delta starter.
Water Softener: Grünbeck Genomat-duo WF1000, with a capacity of 13.5 m³/h</br> at residual hardness <0.1° dH
Swimming Pool: One main swimming pool with capacity of 340,000 l with 3 sand filters</br> of 12,000 l/h each and 6 x 15 kW water heaters
Cottage Pools: 9 smaller cottage swimming pools with capacity of 5,000 l each, with 12 kW water heater and sand filter of 10 m³/h.
Spa Area: Fully equipped Sauna room and a Jacuzzi with 2 air compressors and under water lighting
Water Dispenser: Grünbeck Soda Jet Office with So-Safe triple pre-treatment
Power Supply: 3 x 350 kVA Generators, synchronized
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