Wavin Ekoplastik PPR

For hot & cold water applications

Wavin Ekoplastik PPR is a hot and cold water supply system suitable for all sanitary and potable water applications and heating systems. The pipes and injection moulded fittings are made of Polypropylene Random (PPR) type 3. They are joined by fusion welding, ensuring a homogeneous, all plastic system.

Wavin Ekoplastik PPR offers a complete range of pipes and fittings in the dimensions
16-20-25-32-40-50-63-75-90-110 mm. Pipes are available in PN10, PN16 and PN20.

PN10:    generally used for cold water distribution and floor heating systems
PN16:    generally used for high pressure cold water distribution, hot water distribution and floor heating systems
PN20:    generally used for hot water distribution systems and central heating

Wavin Ekoplastik PPR components are produced and tested according to EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077, DIN 8078, DIN 16962 and ISO 3212, ISO 7279.

MERRYWATER supplies all pipes and fittings ex-stock in any quantity needed.

Fusion welding machines are available for sale or rent.